7/8 to 1
7/8 to 1' (22-25mm) French Silk Velvet Ribbon

7/8 to 1" (22-25mm) French Silk Velvet Ribbon

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Silk Velvet Ribbon

Silk Plush Pile/Cotton Satin Backing (SP)
Rayon Plush Pile/Silk with Cotton or Rayon Backing (SBB)

Width: (7/8" or 22mm) unless noted

Green 134 SBB 
Green Turquoise SP
Green 156 SP
Green 117 SP (15/16" or 24mm)

Gray 1 SP
Lt Gray 1 SP

Beauty 54
Cerise 2063 SP (1" or 25mm)
Grecian Rose SP (1" or 25mm)

Lilac SP (1" or 25mm)

Navy 6975 SP (1" or 25mm)

Cardinal SP (1" or 25mm)
Athenia SP (1" or 25mm)
Coquelcot SP (1" or 25mm)

Maize 3115 SP (1" or 25mm)
Gold SBB (1" or 25mm)

Maroon 41 SP (1" or 25mm) 

Origin: France

Most of the ribbons exist on 9 to 10 yard bolts but normally less than 10 yards. Smaller quantities will be cut and rolled. Ribbons may need some steaming to restore areas where it was wrapped around the reels. We always try to provide continuous yardage, but sometimes this may not be possible.  Guaranteed to receive full yards.

Priced by the yard.