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Timelesstrims - Category Index
Beaded Fringe
Bridal Fabric & Trims
     Bridal Lace
     Bridal Appliques
     Bridal Trim
Glass Beaded Fringe and Trim
Home Decor Trims & Fringes
     Brush Fringe
     Conso Brush Fringe
     Conso Cotton Thread
          Gray Hues
     Designer Collections
          Exotic Beaded Fringe & Trim
          Neutral Fringe & Trim
          Oceania Brush Fringe
          Rhapsody Fringe & Trim
          Symphony Fringe & Trim
          Vanessa Fringe & Trim
     Schumacher Trim
Metallic Applique
Millinery & Hat Trims
     Millinery Feathers
Petersham Grosgrain Ribbon
     Cotton Rayon
     Faille Ribbon
     Silk Blend
Professional Shade Lift Cord
Special Velvet Ribbons
     3/16" Rayon/Silk Velvet Ribbon
     Embossed Velvet Ribbon
     Floral Velvet Ribbon
     Other Velvet Ribbon
     Pleated Velvet Ribbon
     Stretch Velvet Trim
Special Vintage Grosgrain
Timeless Fabric Collection
Vintage 50's to 70's Fabric
Vintage Applique Trims
Vintage Camouflage Fabric
Vintage Couture Fabrics
     Couture Cotton Fabric
     Couture Lace & Netting
     Couture Lamé Fabric
     Couture Linen Fabric
     Couture Other Fabric
     Couture Rayon Fabric
     Couture Silk Fabric
     Couture Velvet Fabric
     Couture Velveteen Fabric
     Couture Wool Fabric
Vintage Couture Trims
Vintage Satin Ribbon
Vintage Silk Threads
     'A' Silk Thread
     'FF' Silk Thread
Vintage Striped Grosgrain
     1" to 1-1/2" Stripe
     2" to 3" Stripe
     3/4" to 7/8" Stripe
     3/8" to 5/8" Stripe
Vintage Trims
     French Rococo Ribbon
     Speciality and Rare Ribbons
     Vintage Cotton Lace
          Eyelet Lace
     Vintage Cotton Trims
     Vintage Jacquard Trims
          European Lame Jacquard
          Floral & Edelweiss Jacquards
          Novelty & Geometric Jacquards
          Southwestern & Liturgical Jacquard
     Vintage Metallic Trim
Vintage Velvet Ribbon
     1-1/2 (38mm)
     2 (50mm)
     3/16 (5mm)
     3/8 (10mm)
     5/16 (7mm)
     5/8 (16mm)
     7/8 (22mm)
Woven Edge Grosgrain Trim