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Vintage Trims

This Collection of  Vintage Trims and Vintage Ribbons are Available in Different Widths, Colors, and Encompass Many Styles; such as, Velvet, Cultural or Ethnic, Novelty, Juvenile, Formal, Rococo, etc. Mostly All are French or Swiss Made and are of the Finest Quality.
We are in the Process of Populating the Website with Thousands of Designer Vintage Ribbons and Trims.  It's an Ongoing Process...Please Check Back Often.  Thanks.

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Vintage Jacquard Trims
We have a variety Floral & Edelweiss Jacquards, Novelty, Greek & Geometric Jacquards, European Lame Jacquards, and Southwestern & Liturgical Style Jacquards.
Vintage Metallic Trim
Vintage Cotton Lace
Ruffle Trim
French Rococo Ribbon
French Rococo Ribbon
Vintage Cotton Trims
Speciality and Rare Ribbons