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About Products

Vintage Fabrics and Trims

All our vintage fabrics and trims are authentic and were discovered at estates or are old new stock from businesses that have closed. These were manufactured 20-80 plus years ago and imported from France, Italy, Germany, Japan, or were manufactured in U.S. factories.  

Our goal is to offer unique, fine quality and excellent condition products. Unless noted, the fabrics or trims come in one continuous yardage. Sometimes this is not possible, but every attempt is made to provide the item as one continuous piece.  Trims specified per yard is cut from a roll and is not returnable.  If the piece is already cut and is being sold as one piece, then it can be returned.  Sorry, postage is not refundable unless we have made the error.

Also, sometimes yellowing or browning may be present especially on older fabrics or trims. This is due to normal oxidation during storage and can be removed with various methods. We will specify if the fabrics are obviously dirty, but will never offer items that can not be renewed by cleaning. We normally will not laundered or dry clean the items, but you can discover many good methods and suggestions on the internet for restoring your vintage acquisitions.   

All questions are welcome and we work with you so that your shopping experience is enjoyable.